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منذ شهر خدمات Sakakah   27 الآراء

90,000 ﷼

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موقعك: Sakakah
السعر: 90,000 ﷼


With an aim of fighting against banking exclusion, I offer loans between individuals going of 5000 $ to 50,000,000,00 $ with an interest rate of 3% on the whole of the loan.

My offer of loans are granted in the fields according to:

– Commercial loans

– Personal loans

– Loans of financing for investment

– Loans real estate

– Consolidation of debt

My conditions of offer of loan are very simple and favorable to all people in the need for an urgent loan. I am willing to satisfy your loan application within a period of 24 hours after reception with your file.

If you are in the need for an urgent loan, please address to me your request by Email: [email protected] or whatsapp: +441904501013