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For sale GER Detect Gold Seeker Particuliers

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GERDetect Gold Seeker - Deep Treasure Prospecting Ground Metal Detector Machine

Thefastest, easiest to use, most modern and accurate system for detecting gold and coins underground.

TheGOLD SEEKER device works with two systems to determine between precious andnon-precious metals.

Theground induction feature has been added to this device, which is capable ofgenerating (Foucault Current) (transmitter and receiver).

Aunique feature of this device is its ability to calibrate with the soil toensure that it is not affected by any signal resulting from moisture in thesoil, mineral rocks or soil containing mineral salts or solid soil.

GOLDSEEKER has the ability to penetrate soil layers at great depths that aredifficult for many other devices to reach.

Itoperates in all types of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Thedevice is not affected by all types of soils and rocks.

Thisdevice is designed to be used in all countries and regions.

Thisdevice is available now at golden detector company

Withfree shipping worldwide via DHL; just call us to get your device now.
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