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Fusion 3D metal detector Available at golden detector Particuliers

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3d metal detectorfusion okm

3Dmetal detector and ground scanner OKM Fusion 2020

a newgeneration in 3D metal detectors and ground scanners, with enhanced technologyfrom OKM-Germany to discover hidden treasures and artifacts

TheOKM Fusion is our redesigned and improved version of the Future 2020 metaldetector. ...

The3d ground scanner OKM Fusion supports treasure hunters, gold seekers,adventurers and archaeologists

todiscover lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places and other historicalitems.

theOKM Fusion comes in a rugged design, is more lightweight and now available intwo different models: OKM Fusion Professional and OKM Fusion Professional Plus.

ProfessionalPlus version is ideal for advanced users thatneed more operating features.

Theadvanced professional plus version can be used in vertical andhorizontal orientation and supports following operating modes:

  • Ground Scan
    Conduct a graphical 3d measurement for detailed analysis on a computer.
  • Live Sound
    Process an acoustical magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals.
  • Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound)
    Process an instant live image while walking the scan field.

Fusion 3D metal detectorAvailable exclusively at Golden Detector Group To inquire about prices, Orderyour device now by contact with us via the following contacts:

[email protected]

Mobile2: 00971503380055

Phone: 0097126584321

To read full features of device please visit thislink:
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