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Glass customer has purchased 3W5W lasers toreplace the old UV lasers Professionnels

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Glass customer has purchased 3W5W lasers toreplace the old UV lasers

3W5W laser for engraving LOGO pattern on glasshas little thermal effect

3W5W nanosecond ultraviolet laser gives theglass higher artistic value

Carrying out UV laser engraving on the watercup is an artistic pursuit as well as an enjoyment of life.

The UV marking process is realized by using thephotochemical reaction between UV light and the material to cause the color tochange. Using appropriate parameters can avoid the obvious removal effect onthe surface of the material, and thus can mark graphics and characters withoutobvious touch.

Manager Li, a handicraft manufacturer fromShaanxi. The main products are glass cups, which are mostly exported to Europe,America and the Middle East. The 3W5W laser that we call for consultation thistime is mainly used to replace the old laser. The old laser is also from RFH.This time I recommended the new S9 nanosecond ultraviolet laser to Manager Li.

RFH Laser has devoted 13 years of research anddevelopment, and continues to provide the market with lasers which has stablepower, high integration, excellent beam quality, long life, fast speed and highprecision.

The cost-effective S9 series of solid-state UVlasers developed through continuous innovation have achieved a high accuracy of±0.01mm, while being smaller and more stable, and can be efficiently usedin various fields of flight marking equipment .

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