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Laser etching glasses requires RFH S9 UV laser Professionnels

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3W5W Ultraviolet laser high-precision engraving glasses

Czech spectacle frame manufacturer’ customer, has decisively boughtUltraviolet laser

Laser etching glasses requires RFH S9 UV laser

The Czech purchasing manager, Pavel,has always been in the cosmetics business. The factory will use the C02 lasermarking machine to print some QR codes, logos, etc., but last year he investedin a factory for making glasses. Previously the CO2 laser marking machine usedin cosmetics factories could not use laser etching on glasses, because thespectacle frame is made of plastic material and is easily deformed by heat, andthe lens is made of glass, which is easy to break, so UV laser is required formarking.

Pavel has also heard about RFH's brand influence in the industry, so firstshe bought an S9 UV laser for trial.

After a while, she called excitedly and said that RFH UV laser has a veryhigh-definition scribing effect on glass products, and the exquisite patterns,trademarks and texts carved on the glasses are better than other companies alot.

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