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MEGA G3 Gold Metal Detector 2020 Particuliers

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MEGAG3 Gold Metal Detector 2020

Thesecond version of MEGA DETECTION Worldwide newer technology in the field ofdetection of treasures and minerals, without being influenced by rocks orerroneous signals that are emitted from the ground, without fuss or fatigue asit gets in the devices currently in use

MegaG3 includes 2 search systems for gold & metal detection that can be used todetect many types of precious metals and gold (natural or buried) and evendiamonds.

Theprospector can use one of these systems to find targets based on his desire andneeds, by installing appropriate sensor or antennas in their ports in the maindevice unit.

Byselecting the search area for exploration and detection of targets, and thedevice identifies the gold or any object in less than 20 seconds from the startof work distances ranging from 250 meters and up to 2000 meters for the frontrange, with a automatic ground balance feature which provides the ability oftargets detection in all terrain like rocky lands, plains, mountainous landsand agricultural clay lands.

MegaG3 is available exclusively with special price and free shipping to allcountries

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