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Metal Detector Minelab GPZ 7000 Particuliers

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MinelabGPZ 7000 Waterproof Gold Nugget Finding Detector - SUPER FAST SHIPPING

Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector

with Waterproof 14x13" Super D Search Coil

golden detector group Introducing the Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold MetalDetector. new revolutionary technology available ONLY in the new GPZ 7000 golddetector.

Amazing features that take gold hunting to a much higher level to (now)detect really deep gold nuggets easier than ever, even the smallest pieces ofgold you missed before.

The dream of all gold hunters is to have the technology available todiscover deeper gold in the so-called worked out gold areas. The Minelab GPZ7000 metal detector has been tested and proven to locate small to large sizenuggets up to 40 % DEEPER than the deep seeking GPX 5000!

Be the first in your area to hunt your favorite gold hunting sites anduse the GPZ7000 to find those deeper, larger nuggets you know must be there.Field-tested by some of the best known gold hunters in the USA, the resultswere dramatic and absolutely positive proof that this detector is far above therest in finding gold! Kellyco has been selling and using Minelab’s GoldDetectors for 18 years, (since 1996). Our hands-on experience before and afterany purchase is always available to you. Call on the Pro’s who know!
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