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Metal detectors for sale - mega gold Particuliers

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Metal detector 2020 –mega gold device

The Germanmega-detection industry has developed a mega gold device with new features fortreasure miners and treasure hunters so that they can also detect raw gold,gold treasures, old COINS, sculptures, and others, thanks to a long-rangesensor system that can now mine for treasures and minerals to depths of up to30 meters underground and a forward range of up to 2,000 meters on the earth'ssurface.

The mega gold sensorcontains four programs to detect gold, gold, silver, and diamonds.

search systems ofMega gold 2020:

1- long-range sensing system

A sensor mega goldsensor operates on four prearranged programs to detect gold and buried goldtreasures, as well as silver, diamonds, and precious stones.

• Gold burial program

• Gold ore detection program

• The silver detector program.

• Diamond detection software

The system has anadvanced depth identification system that is easy to search for before workingon the device, as well as a forward range target identification feature byselecting the search distance to be detected with precision according to thearea in which the search is to be explored, whether mountain, plain, valley orland within a given building.

2- Laser system:

A new techniqueincluded with mega gold which is a laser identification system. And that's todetermine the direction of the device's target from distant points.

3- Long-life batteries:

Mega gold works onupgraded lithium batteries, you can easily charge them, saving 20-15 hours ofuse, can request additional batteries and is equipped with a regular chargerand a car charger.

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