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Nokta Golden king plus from Golden detector Particuliers

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Golden detectorcompany offers you the World’s Best Gold Detection Technologies & MiningEquipment


The latest and mostpowerful detection systems for gold and minerals and treasures in the ground atall. The device works on 3 systems which Photogrammetry and electromagneticsystem and radar. The device features the ability to detect gold andarchaeological treasures and the possibility of identifying caves and tunnelsand voids large professionally floor with the possibility of clarifying thedepth meter and Centimeter through the direct three-dimensional imaging todetermine the name of the metal detected accurately.

Possibility ofcanceling iron and non-precious metals exploration process altogether. There isalso a device 10 international languages ​​including Arabic and English with aspecial program for the analysis of signals, signs, and logos archaeologicalcredit of the biggest centers and bodies of global exploration for signalanalysis and discovered.

The device works efficientlyin sandy soil and rock and mud and is not affected by basaltic rocks andmineral final. The device features the latest and most powerful detectionsystem that has no parallel in all areas of archaeological and historicalplaces and huge property to explore targets in the walls and castles, caves,and tunnels.

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