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PCB laser marking machine’s customer haspurchased 15W UV laser Professionnels

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uv laser engraving PCB QR code, cuttingline width is small and carbon-free.

15W UV laser marking PCB QR code, has thecharacteristics of high definition, and no burr.

PCB laser marking machine’s customer haspurchased 15W UV laser

The UV laser developed and produced by RFHcan clearly mark the required QR code and text on the PCB, without affectingthe use of the PCB.

Ultraviolet laser is a cold light sourcewith small light spot, low thermal influence, small cutting line width, nocarbonization, and no burrs. It is a wise choice for PCB to engrave QR code.

The customer from Wuhan has just placed anorder to purchase RFH15W high-power UV laser for carving PCB QR code.

RFH has carefully worked for 13 years, the15W high-power UV laser specially developed and produced by foreign professorsand doctoral teams has the characteristics of low thermal impact, ±0.002mm high precision, and high power stability. It is used forcutting and perforating on PCB circuit boards. During the engraving processing,it can effectively avoid burrs, and the cuts are neat and smooth, withoutburrs, and no dust particles, so it is widely used in PCB and FPC processing industries.

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