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Retailer of Luxury & Affordable Jewelery Professionnels

منذ سنة الموضة، المنزل والحديقة Manama   149 الآراء

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موقعك: Manama
السعر: -- .د.ب

Al Zain Jewelery stands as a recognized & preferred jeweler of choice in the Gulf region. Al Zain Jewelery is recognized as a leading Designer, Manufacturer & Retailer of luxury & affordable diamond jewelery & gold jewelery. With unrivalled expertise in diamonds & natural pearls, Al Zain works with exquisite precious stones in creating designs oriented towards GCC clientele's disiscerning, unique & often extravagant taste levels. Al Zain has gained international recognition for their traditional and heritage designs in 21k gold and with a very unique gold color has become a sought after brand to celebrate and preserve local Arabian traditions & heritage.

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