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UV 3d laser machine withrepetition rate up to 200kHz Professionnels

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RFH UV laser together with SLA technique creates a 3Dmodel

3W 5W UV laser source for SLA 3D printing

UV 3d laser machine withrepetition rate up to 200kHz


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Early this month, Jason, who is the boss of3D model producer, asked about what kind of laser is suitable for PhotopolymerSLA process and we recommended S9 series UV laser.

RFH 355 series UV laser features highefficiency, stable laser output and compact design, making it the suitablelaser for Photopolymer SLA process.

This UV laser has a laser wavelength at354.7nm with repetition rate up to 200kHz. Its laser power ranges from 3w to10w absolutely assured in all repetition rates. Besides, it is characterized byexceptional beam quality (M²<1.2) ,relatively short pulse width <[email protected] with little heattransfer to surrounding material during the marking process.

In addition, this UV laser is designed withuniqueQ-switching technology and supports communication with computer. RS232 controlinterface ensures easy control of the laser from the outside, which reduces thelabor cost to a large extent. Such an easy-to-use, easy-to-install and compactlaser can meet the different needs of Photopolymer SLA process.

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