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UV solid-state laser can print white texton black plastic buttons. Professionnels

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Marking on house and keyboard UV laser,does not fade and discolor.

UV solid-state laser can print white texton black plastic buttons.

The black or white marking on plasticshould elected 355 ultraviolet laser.

The mouse and keyboard are necessary toolsfor our daily work

How are numbers and letters marked on thekeyboard? Let’s look at the UV laser technology.

Ultraviolet laser marking is to use thelaser thermal effect to ablate the surface material of the object, therebyleaving a permanent mark. It has the advantages of non-contact marking, lowcost, no consumables, good permanence, no deformation, no pollution, highspeed, high stability, and high precision engraving, etc.

With 13 years of ingenuity, RFH hasdeveloped and produced the S9 series of nanosecond ultraviolet lasers that canengrave clear writing on the mouse and keyboard. This kind of writing can notonly help identify different buttons, but also ensure that it will not beblurred or faded after long-term use.

Cary is from Italy. This time he haspurchased S9 ultraviolet laser for marking the letters on the keyboard and themouse LOGO.

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