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3W5WUV laser marks a wide range of plastic toilet seats Professional

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3W5WUV laser marks a wide range of plastic toilet seats

Large-scalemarking of plastic toilet lids, RFH UV laser is reassuring

RFHnanosecond UV laser solves the problem of high-speed and large-scale plasticmarking

In modern society, people are paying moreand more attention to home furnishing, and the requirements are getting higherand higher, which makes many home furnishings have a lot of improvement. Forthe decoration of modern toilets, the toilet is the most popular type. As atoilet manufacturer, how to quickly mark the toilet lid on a large scale hasbecome a problem.

355nm UV laser for fast and high-qualitymarking of plastic toilet lids in a wide range

For this question, RFH handed in asurprising answer. Mr. Jin from Sichuan came to RFH to visit the production anduse of ultraviolet lasers. For Mr. Jin, whether he can quickly and high-qualitymarking on a large range of plastic toilet lids is the most important criterionfor him to choose a machine. Fortunately, RFH It meets such a standard.

The plastic marked by UV laser has high temperature resistance,strong light resistance, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance

Compared with the traditional markingtechnology, the plastics marked by ultraviolet laser have the characteristicsof high temperature resistance, strong light resistance, corrosion resistance,scratch resistance, etc., which guarantees the material safety duringprocessing and use to the greatest extent. The RFH ultraviolet laser has fastmarking speed, high efficiency, no consumables, and has outstanding effects inlarge-scale fast marking, and can complete the toilet lid marking task requiredby Mr. Jin in a short time.

RFH Nanosecond UV Laser

In addition, RFH UV laser does not requirespecial care, and the operation is simple and easy to use. It not only savesmaterial costs, but also saves a lot of professional personnel costs. Moreover,RFH provides lifetime free after-sales technical guidance services to solvecustomers' worries. .

Mr. Jin, who decided to sign the purchaseright now, believes that if the quality of the cooperation reached with RFHthis time is high, then RFH will become its first choice in laser machines andwill continue to cooperate in the future development. After all, he treatspeople so sincerely. There are not many partners who do not forget theiroriginal intentions and are full of responsibility.

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