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Do You Like This Home Chest Freezer? Individuals

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If you find that the freezer space of the refrigerator is insufficient, you may need a separate Solar DC freezer. They are especially useful for large families, hunters, and people who host many dinner guests, but anyone who wants to reduce trips to the grocery store will love being able to store a bunch of food.

Freezers that look like coffins are very suitable for this purpose because they provide more usable space than vertical freezers, are lower in cost, consume less energy, and better avoid the combustion of the freezer.

Although home chest freezers vary in size (you can find models with capacities ranging from 5 to 25 cubic feet), they usually take up more floor space than vertical freezers. For some 22 cubic feet models, they take up more The maximum space is 3 x 6 feet. However, compared to columns with the same capacity, they provide more usable space because for long-term storage, you can stack items together instead of placing them on refrigerator-style shelves like in the column model. (In this review, we focused on large-capacity freezers, but we know that small freezers, especially those with a capacity of 5 to 7 cubic feet, have aroused a lot of interest. We are writing separate guidelines for these freezers. )

Generally, you can save money with a box freezer. Compared with similarly sized upright freezers, the purchase price of a home chest freezer is often about 50 to 100 dollars lower. They also save about US$10 to US$20 in energy per year (assuming average energy prices). As Tony Bouza of the US Department of Energy explained to us, this happened for several reasons. First, the box freezer has "built-in sidewall insulation," Bouza said. Secondly, "the chest freezer can better maintain the temperature when opening or closing the drawer or drawer", because "cold air tends to stay at the bottom of the box freezer", while the vertical freezer allows cold air to permeate Out. Third, chest freezers do not have an automatic defrost cycle, so their "energy consumption" is half of most upright refrigerators (although you may need to manually defrost chest freezers from time to time).

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