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From Dating To Girlfriend / Boyfriend Professional

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Loveawake here with some more in your face dating advice, that is to the point and basedon reality.

Ok braincases …here is the scenario: guymeets girl, likes girls quickly after meeting her and wants to make girlhis girlfriend.. ok.. STOP!!! Are you crazy? You just met thisgirl, how much can you REALLY know about her? Girlfriend is a BIG step,and must be moved forward on with extreme caution. Think about it -areyou really that desperate where you will throw your heart out into the wind forany passing breeze to catch? Think… use that melon of yours that rests onyour neck..

What to do?

I suggest doing this…

The first 30 days of dating are openseason. Don’t view them as exclusive or binding, rather a time to get toknow the one you are with. After 30 days if you are still digging thegirl and want to move forward with a monogamous relationship (commitment – yesthat dreaded word..) then sit down and list out EVERYTHING that is important toyou in a relationship.

Examples being:

1. Flakiness – I can’t stand a flakywoman and will not tolerate it in a committed relationship.
2. Honesty and integrity – I find out you lied to me once and I’m out.
3. Girls night out – I need to know all the details and have you come backto my place at the end of the night by a certain hour. That way I’mnot wondering if some guy has been grinding up on you / hooking up with you atthe club when you roll in at 4am drunk off your ass, or even worse back to yourplace for me to wonder if you even went home alone.
4. This list goes on and on and is based on what if right byyou.

If you have a problem making thislist then you probably don’t know yourself that well and need to work on otherareas of your life and mental health before entering a committedrelationship. Keep in mind commitment is a big thing and should not besupplicated in any way, shape, or form.

After you make the list call her over tomeet and have a discussion going over all your points. You knowwhat? She will either agree or disagree, it’s that simple. And ifshe disagrees with you then GOOD! You just saved yourself who knows how manymonths / years of potential mental, and possibly sexless torture. Move onchamp and find another hen! If she agrees then that is great – gameon. Over the next following 30 days lets see if she is blowing smoke orfor real.

Now assuming all goes well(congratulations) the next 30 days is to ensure the girl you are committed tolives up to your expectations. This second 30 days is the‘probation period’ before she can officially become your girlfriend. Makesure she is consistent with her actions and words. If you are put in aposition to make some sort of decision then base it on actionsfirst. Ever hear the saying “talk is cheap”…well let me wake you upto something.. it is!

Second 30 days …. Life is good.

Lets say the second 30 days have gone byand she passed with flying colors. Now you can pronounce this rare jewelyour “Girlfriend” and as for you, don’t be a dumb butt and screw it up. Less then 10% of all new relationships make it this far so feel lucky!

Dr Date – signing out.

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