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RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser wins praise forspeaking with products with practical achievements Professional

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3W5W UV laser is transmitted through thebluetooth plastic box without damage

The effect of RFH UV laser marking on theplastic box is praised

RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser wins praise forspeaking with products with practical achievements

With the continuous innovation ofcommunication equipment, the birth of Bluetooth makes communication moreconvenient, no longer controlled by the wired headset. In terms of Bluetoothdesign and marking, continuous technological progress may be required.

RFH ultraviolet lasers are well used inmany industries and fields

At a recent international laser technologyexhibition, RFH demonstrated to exhibitors the technology of ultraviolet lasersto transmit light in a multi-color Bluetooth plastic box, which was praised bymany people in the industry. After more than ten years, RFH has beencontinuously developing and deepening in the field of laser technology. The UV lasers produced are well used in manyindustries and fields.

The spot of the 355nm ultraviolet lasermoves quickly on the surface of the material

In the on-site multi-color bluetoothplastic box light transmission display, the ultraviolet laser projected thelight spot on the material without any contact. The purple light spot movedquickly on the surface of the material and made small nicks. It took only halfa minute to complete a Bluetooth Precision marking. The bluetooth that wasmarked on site was circulated in the hands of the participants. The traces oflight-transmitting marking obviously have no burrs and no damage to materialssuch as plastics that are not heat-resistant. The marking accuracy of 0.02mmmakes the entire product appear perfect. The gloss and shape were praised bythe exhibitors who watched the scene.

RFH Nanosecond UV Laser

RFH's performance at the exhibition is notonly a dazzling description, but also reminds people of the difficulties theymay have encountered in the more than ten years of concentrated research anddevelopment, but the difficulties are temporary. The RFH that overcomes thedifficulties uses actual achievements today. Speak with the product, speak withsincerity and the spirit of daring to fight.

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