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RFH nanosecond ultraviolet solid-statelaser marking fabrics, the edges are not hard or yellow Professional

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The RFH 355 UV laser can also mark on thefabric, clear and unfading

In addition to marking plastics, RFH UVlasers can also mark fabrics in high definition

RFH nanosecond ultraviolet solid-statelaser marking fabrics, the edges are not hard or yellow

Under the continuous development of thesocial process, the function of clothing has evolved from heating in the pastto catching up with the trend. The most intuitive elements of clothing designare the appearance and pattern design of the fabric. The defect of thetraditional cloth processing technology knife mold processing method is that itis easy to produce fabric fringing, and the processing accuracy is limited bythe knife mold, and it is difficult to process specific shapes.

RFH UV laser non-contact processing

In response to traditional processingdefects, RFH UV lasers instead use thehigh energy density characteristics of the laser beam to project on the surfaceof the cloth and perform pattern processing on the surface of the cloth. As aresult, the RFH UV agency has incomparable advantages for fabric marking. Firstof all, it is non-contact processing and has no direct impact on the fabric.Processing without thermal effect will not damage the fabric and cause it toscorch.

Ultraviolet laser high-speed markingtechnology greatly reduces production time

Secondly, there is no abrasion during thelaser engraving process, and the marking pattern can be stored for a long time.It has improved the traditional technology of cutting edge gaps, hard andyellow edges and other shortcomings, and has made great progress in the qualityof marking. The birth of UV laser marking fabrics has benefited many clothingmanufacturers. High-quality, perfectly marked fabrics can be produced withoutspecial care. The high-speed marking technology greatly shortens the productiontime, and the low-loss fabrics reduce the product defect rate. The cost isguaranteed.

RFH UV laser marking cloth

The existence of RFH ultraviolet lasermarking fabrics has given manufacturers who used to mark fabrics withinsufficient quality to have new weapons. Garment factories with the help ofRFH have greater benefits and longer-term development and progress.

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