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RFHgreen laser cutting carbon fiber board will not break, deform or oxidize Professional

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High-powergreen laser cutting carbon fiber board, no carbonization, no burrs

RFHgreen laser cutting carbon fiber board will not break, deform or oxidize

RFH532nm green laser cutting carbon fiber board has small hot area and no burrs

Carbon fiber board is the basic carbonfiber composite material. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength,high toughness, corrosion resistance, insolubility and swelling, etc. It is thepreferred material for automotive, military, aviation, high-end medical andother industries, and is known as the king of new materials. . And such amaterial with superior advantages also has high requirements in processing suchas cutting.

Green laser cutting technology is anon-contact processing technology

The cutting of carbon fiber board under thetraditional mechanical processing method will accelerate the wear of the tool,increase the cost of cutting, and it is very easy to cause the crack anddeformation of the material. Today, the greenlaser cutting technology produced by RFH is a non-contact processingtechnology, which perfectly solves the problems encountered in the process ofcarbon fiber board processing.

The carbon fiber board cut by the 532nmgreen laser has a small kerf area

Mr. Deng from Foshan and Ruifengheng hasreached many cooperations, and he will still be amazed by RFH's professionaltechnology and R&D capabilities. The high peak power and good beam qualityof the Ruifengheng green laser are running fast on the carbon fiber board. Seeingthe green laser dot flying across the material quickly, a carbon fiber boardwas successfully cut for a long time. After the cutting, the carbon fiber boardhas a small cutting seam hot area, no burrs, flanging, no cracks, nodeformation, no oxidation, etc., and the cutting quality is completely betterthan traditional cutting technology.

RFH Nanosecond Green Laser

If the operation is simple and easy to use,fast processing speed, no consumables, long service life, and excellentprocessing quality, the many characteristics and advantages of RFH are thereasons why Mr. Deng chose to cooperate with RFH for the first time, sosincere, hardworking, dreaming and dare to realize That is why he insisted oncooperating with RFH for many years. RFH's professionalism, dedication andperseverance have attracted countless customers like Mr. Deng, leading theindustry's progress together.

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