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Swtor game guide Individuals

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Location: New York City
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Your class has also been used to determine the roles you can play and the weapons you can wield, but with recent expansions things have changed drastically. For Jedi, you can choose from all of the advanced Jedi classes on the right side. For Sith, you can choose from all of the advanced Dark Side Sith classes. Also, you can: Once you start moving away from light and dark, you will eventually change. If you choose a high-tech class that uses a blaster instead of a lightsaber, you can choose one of the advanced high-tech classes. You can switch between these later, but you can't switch between forced and tech users. You can check more from here.

With a free game account, you can only play three races: Human, Cyborg, and The Black. There are many ways to unlock other races, but it is difficult to run all the races with a free account. Choose the seed that interests you the most, as your seed will not have a significant impact on the game. Subscription unlocks more options. Other options can be unlocked by playing the game with different characters. Other options like Cathar, Togruta, and Nautolan can only be purchased in-game or from other players. If you want to know more about unlocking careers and what your character looks like, we have a guide on what your character looks like.

When you reach dark side level 1 or higher, your character's appearance, such as eye color and skin color, may begin to change. This dark side corruption allows you to turn the character sheet on and off, but to turn it on and off you need to press the small icon on the armor to access the settings.

When choosing a character name, you can put a space in the name to give it a name. You can also use up to two apostrophes and a hyphen for your character's name.

Some players use accents to name "dreams", but these symbols are not as easy to type as normal letters, so other players may send you messages or groups, which can be difficult to invite. Accent character table

Each class has its own story and each faction has its own story for each planet. If you have a free game account of up to 4 characters, choose one Imperial character and one Republic character so you can explore both sides of the planet's history instead of doing the same thing twice on the same faction. .

Free play accounts are limited to 4 characters per server... but you can have up to 20 characters total, 4 more characters on another server, 4 more characters on the next server, and so on. However, characters on different servers do not share anything. It is completely separate.

If you're playing with friends, make sure you pick a character from the same server and from the same faction. Otherwise, you will not be able to play with them. It is also advisable to choose two different classes that start on the same planet. These pairs include the choice of smugglers and troopers, the choice of Jedi Consulate and Jedi Nights, the choice of Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitor, or the choice of Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters. If you plan to play with your friends, check out my guide on how to play SWTOR with your friends.