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The high-definition whiteness of RFH green laser marking glass is thereason why customers order quickly Professional

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532nm green laser marking tall glasses demonstrates higher artisticvalue

In the hot summer, add ice cubes to the glass, pour your favoritedrink, and the instant coolness makes summer happiness. The appearance of thetall glass is cute and noble. Marking on the outside not only reflects therequired information, but also demonstrates higher artistic value.

The high-definition whiteness of RFH green laser marking glass is thereason why customers order quickly

Mr. Guo from Liuzhou wanted to find a suitable marking machine for thecompany's newly introduced production line for tall glasses, so he came to RFHand conducted an in-depth inspection of the famous RFH green laser. Accordingto the sales staff, the RFH green laser has a wavelength of 532nm and haslittle thermal influence. It can engrave any pattern and shape on glass productswithout distortion.

The glass customer finally found the right green laser markingtechnology

The green laser has fast marking speed and strong processing stability.The all-digital intelligent power control technology is convenient for remotemonitoring without special supervision. It is worth mentioning that the greenlaser has changed the traditional marking form. The marking using the lightspot does not need to consume any materials. There is no ink splash during theprocessing. The production of the entire machine is in a dust-free workshop.Ensure the green and environmental protection of the product.

RFH 532nm green laser

Procurement, pre-production quality inspection, assembly, testing,warehousing quality inspection, delivery quality inspection, after-salesservice, in the entire production process of RFH green laser, multiple qualityinspections and repeated inspections are only for the delivery of products. Infront of customers, this is one of the reasons why Mr. Guo is satisfied withRFH, and it is also the reason why Mr. Guo orders quickly.

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