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The RFH UV laser astounded the field ofcopper mirror marking as soon as it showed up Professional

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The RFH UV laser astounded the field ofcopper mirror marking as soon as it showed up

The 355nm UV laser can also be used forstripping paint on large-area metal copper mirrors.

Nanosecond UV laser easily performshigh-quality paint stripping technology on copper mirrors

At the National Laser Expo, RFH LaserTechnology Co., Ltd. brought a new upgraded UVlaser marker, which uses high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate theworkpiece to vaporize or change the color of the surface material, therebyleaving long-lasting mark.

5W UV laser for high-quality paintstripping technology on copper mirrors

The UV laser marking machine in the RFHexhibition area focused on the process of marking copper mirrors. I saw thatthe ultra-fine laser beam after the focus of the UV laser was like a carvingknife, peeling off the material on the surface of the copper mirror bit by bit.It has no effect on the surface of the copper mirror that does not need to beprocessed, and high-quality paint peeling technology can be easily performed onthe copper mirror.

RFH Ultraviolet Laser Marker High-precisionMarking Products

The excellent laser of the RFH UV lasermarker moves on a narrower pulse width and a higher peak power. Its minimumspot can reach 15um. It can be stripped on a large-area metal with a highhardness like a copper mirror. Lacquer is also able to do well.

Regarding the cutting speed and use timeissues raised by the participating customers, the RFH UV laser indicated thatit can operate continuously for 24 hours. In terms of cost control, there is noneed for professional operation, no consumables, ink consumption, no dowry,dust suction and smoking device, and it is a new high-tech machine runningunder a completely green environment.

RFH UV laser has gained many customers

The appearance of the expo has made UVlasers gain a lot of customers. Customers and manufacturers who came toinvestigate from a long distance are a kind of support and a kind of trust forRFH. No matter whether the cooperation is successful or not, RFH has alwaysbeen 100% enthusiasm Show your strength and original intention.

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