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Virus detection kit for 355nm UV laser marking,traceability and anti-counterfeiting Individuals

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Virus detection kit for 355nm UV laser marking,traceability and anti-counterfeiting

At present, nucleic acid testing is one ofthe main testing methods for diagnosing whether they are infected by the newcoronavirus. As of June 10, 2021, there are 59 new coronavirus detection kitsin my country that have been approved for marketing by the National Food andDrug Administration. At the same time, the detailed information and specificbatch numbers of each reagent must be displayed very rigorously in its outerpackaging box. To facilitate drug traceability. For the traceability andanti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical reagents, laser marking technology playsa vital role. For this reason, the 5W ultraviolet laser for the S9 serieslaunched by RFH Laser can provide a perfect solution for marking the new crowntest piece, helping the world to fight the epidemic!


RFHspecializes in developing 5W ultravioletlasers to help the world fight the epidemic

The RFHS9 series 5W ultraviolet laser canclearly mark the source information, production date, batch number, and drugidentification code of the drug on the surface of the drug carton. In this way,consumers can easily understand drugs transparently, and it is also convenientfor consumers and regulatory authorities to supervise pharmaceutical companies.

Advantagesof S9 Series 5W Ultraviolet Laser

S9 series 5W ultraviolet laser usesultraviolet light spot to scratch and engrave the surface of packagingmaterials. The product identification is not easy to wear and cannot bechanged. It has strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness, and easily realizes"one medicine, one code", which is a medical treatment. Productmanufacturers have brought great benefits. It is perfectly matched with theproduct traceability system, which can maximize the safety and control of theproduct and prevent the product from being tampered with. Therefore, comparedwith the traditional inkjet printing technology, the plastic ink marks areuneven and easy to fall off and cause tampering. The S9 series 5W ultravioletlaser is far superior in terms of speed and quality.

Virusdetection kit marking requires RFH rigorous UV marking technology

In addition, the traditional inkjet markingmethod often does not meet the safety standards of the medical industry due tothe paint containing toxic substances and environmental pollution. The lasermarking technology is non-contact processing, which is safe and environmentallyfriendly and will not pollute drugs, which perfectly solves this problem.

For the high precision of marking, the RFHlaser has also devoted a lot of effort. The 5W ultraviolet laser developed bythe company has reached a high precision of 0.02mm. At the same time, it alsohas stable power, high integration, small size, long life, and excellent beamquality. Outstanding advantages such as high stability.

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