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RFH 532 green laser marks automobile glass Particuliers

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RFH green laser marks BYD automotiveplastic parts, energy saving and environmental protection

RFH 532 green laser marks automobile glass

RFH nanosecond green laser will not scorchwhen marking automobile plastic parts

Why BYD auto parts manufacturers choose RFH532 green laser?

RFH green laser can mark the requiredgraphics and words on the surface of automobile glass or plastic parts. Becausethe precise focusing spot of the green laser is extremely small, and theprocessing heat-affected zone is small, it will not produce thermal effects orproduce material burnt problem with higher processing quality.

Utilizing the characteristics of fast speedand high precision of the green laser can greatly shorten the time of markingin the past, not only that, but also can ensure the reduction of energyconsumption and the extension of its service life. Energy saving, environmentalprotection, pollution reduction, time reduction, and cost reduction are raretechnologies in the automobile production process.

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