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532nm green lasercan mark glass continuously for 24 hours Professionnels

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Localité: La Condamine
Prix: 4 411 €

532 green laser inthe glass surface precisely drilling, scribing.

35W green lasermarking glass, the process is very fast

532nm green lasercan mark glass continuously for 24 hours

The wavelength ofRFH green laser is 532nm, the thermal effect is very small, and it hasexcellent beam quality and spot characteristics in all frequency ranges, so ithas absolute advantages in the field of ultra-fine marking glass.

RFH green laser can operate continuously for 24hours, the heated affected zone is very small during processing, there is noburning deformation, no need for other materials, it can also be monitoredremotely, the maintenance cost is low, and the benefit is quite good.

Today, we havereceived another order from a customer from Taiwan for five green lasers

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