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Cold marking with UV Lasers for charger and charging cables Professionnels

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RFH 355nm UV laser cold-processing charger and datacable.

Cold marking with UV Lasers for charger and charging cables

UV Lasers marking USBCharger Cord

RFH UV laser marking charger and charging cablesare not easy to be erased.

Using RFH 3W UV laser to mark the charger and chargingcables without deformation.

RFH UV laser has a wavelength of 355nm and has verylittle thermal influence. It is a cold light source and is more suitable forprocessing chargers and charging cables. The ultraviolet laser is installed onthe marking machine, which can perfectly match the marking equipment toprecisely control the accuracy, strength and depth, ensuring that the chargingproduct and charging cables will not be damaged while the marking can beperformed accurately.

Meanwhile, using RFH UV laser to mark the chargerand charging cables, the mark is clear, no ghosting, not easy to be erased, andit can also ensure its beautiful appearance.

Babaynts Tigran, from Ukraine, purchased 355nm UVlasers mainly for cold processing chargers and data cables.

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Site Web
Marque de voiture Acura
Modèle 355 nm Ultraviolet Laser
Année d'inscription 2015
Condition New
Kilométrage 355 nm Ultraviolet Laser

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