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Mega G3 2020 Gold Metal Detector Particuliers

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Mega G3Gold Metal Detector Device New version 2020

Mega G3 2020is a powerful device to find buried gold treasures and other precious metals,its combine two search systems including Long Range system and Ionic Scansystem; it comes also with 8 predefined programs to narrow the search forspecific metal type such as gold or silver

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By using Mega G3, the user can search for the following 8 targets:

• GoldTreasure
• Gold • Silver
• Bronze
• Copper
• Cavity
• Gemstones
• Diamond


Mega G3can detect emitted ionic fields radiations from long distances, using powerfulMini Sensor which receive radiations and convert it to an audio signal anddisplay indicator on the screen.

Parts and components
the case contains following components:
- Main unit of the device made of high-quality plastics.
- Signal booster Radar (mount on the top of the device)
- Lithium battery (inside the main unit) .
- Charger
- Travel adapter for batteries (charger for car)
- 2 Antennas
- Sensor (mount on the front of the device)
- Deep Master depth measuring unit with 2 antennas and 3 pegs
- Headphones
- User Guide (English - Arabic)
- DVD (include instructional videos)

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