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Metal , gold and treasure detector 2020 - new version Particuliers

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Localité: Abéché
Prix: 11 FCFA

Mega Gold 2020 is amulti-purpose gold & metal detector that combines most reliable technologyin the field of long range locator system detectors.

MEGA GOLD 2020 Discover gold, gemstones and treasures for depths up to 30 metersunderground and the front range up to 2,000 meters on the surface of the earth

MegaGold a latest technology in the field of gold detection and metal detection. aprecise technology to detect targets like gold treasures and diamonds in allterrains. Mega Gold is the recommended choice for any amateur and professionalprospector, thanks to its built-in features and its ease of use; with its cheapprice suitable for the budget of wide range of customers.



Thelong-range sensor system operates on 4 accurate professional programs:

-A program to detect golden treasures

-Gold ore detection program

-Silver detection program

-Diamond detection program

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