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Nanosecond UV lasers are superior inchargers and data line coding Professionnels

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355nm UV laser marking Motorola mobilephone shell is not easy to be erased

Nanosecond UV lasers are superior inchargers and data line coding

3W5W UV laser marking mobile phone casedoes not fade and fall off

Jason from Singapore, yesterday placed anorder to buy 5 sets of S9 series ultravioletlasers, which were specially used for marking Motorola mobile phone shells,chargers, and data cables.

RFH new S9 series of ultraviolet lasers:After in-depth market exploration and actively collecting user problems, RFHstrives for perfection and launches the S9 series laser with better coding,which is smaller in size and can prevent users from expanding the opticalpath. The light is more stable. It canbe well absorbed by the material and has little damage to the material. Thesuperior beam quality can be strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; theheat-affected zone during processing is extremely small. It has longer life,stable operation and extremely low maintenance cost.

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