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Recently a Colombian client inquiredabout SLA UV laser Professionnels

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RFH UV laser marking 3D SLA Photopolymer torealize rapid prototyping

Recently a Colombian client inquiredabout SLA UV laser

RFH UV laser with compact design can helpspeed up SLA process


Email:[email protected]

With UV laser developed and produced byRFH, the process model made by SLA Photopolymer is vivid in details and hassmooth cutting edges, increasing the value and artistic quality to a new level.

The past two months witnessed an increasinginquiries about SLA laser and 3D printer UV photosensitive adhesive from manyclients, including oversea ones. Sam is a Colombian laser integrator and left amessage asking for S9 series UV laser to do the rapid prototyping of SLAPhotopolymer.

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