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RFH 355nm UV Laser marks plastic shells ofMidea electric appliances Professionnels

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Ultraviolet laser has high repetitionfrequency, high precision marking home appliance plastics.

RFH 355nm UV Laser marks plastic shells ofMidea electric appliances

3W UV laser focuses on plastic marking witha small spot to create invincible quality

In order to cooperate with the developmentand operation of the new model, Midea has worked hard on the details. In orderto create a better plastic housing for home appliances, it has introduced a RFHhigh-frequency ultraviolet laser to mark the plastic housing. Whether it issmall household appliances such as rice cookers and hair dryers, or largehousehold appliances such as fans, refrigerators, washing machines, and airconditioners, UV lasers can accurately mark the plastic surface.

The high-frequency ultraviolet laser istouchless with the surface of the material, and the extremely small spot willnot produce thermal effects, nor will it cause damage to the surface of variousmaterials. It has an invincible guarantee in production quality.

For plastic marking on home appliances, itis recommended to use our RFH brand K-6 series water-cooled UV diode pumped pulsed solid-state lasers witha power range of 4W to 8W.

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