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RFH 3W 5W UV laser marking e-cigarette hasa low cost and a good effect Professionnels

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RFH355nm UV laser marks alex electroniccigarette to improve the effect of anti-counterfeiting

RFH Nanosecond UV Laser marks ElectronicCigarette shell at high speed without pause

RFH 3W 5W UV laser marking e-cigarette hasa low cost and a good effect

The brand image and words that need to bemarked on the e-cigarette shell are an important part of highlighting thequality of e-cigarettes. The past ink-jet coding technology is no longersuitable for marking the surface of e-cigarettes. More manufacturers have begunto choose RFH UV laser marking technology.

The brand logo of alex e-cigarette isdirectly marked with RFH UV laser. The visual effect of UV coding is better,and the anti-counterfeiting effect far exceeds the previous technology.

Marking image and words with RFH UV laser can clearly display words andpictures on the surface of electronic cigarettes, remind consumers witheye-catching colors and clear marking marks, and will not be rubbed afterlong-term use and it is also a detail that highlights the quality in theproduction of e-cigarettes, and wins the consumers trust of the brand.

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