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The mainstream of laser cutting FPC circuitboard market uses 10-20W ultraviolet laser. Professionnels

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Using 15W high power UV laser to cut FPC circuitboard is carbon-free.

High-power UV laser cutting FPC circuitboard ,no burrs.

The mainstream of laser cutting FPC circuitboard market uses 10-20W ultraviolet laser.

355nm UV short wavelength laser beamscanning on the FPC surface

The coverage rate of FPC is very extensive.For example, mobile phones, digital cameras and notebook computers all needsuch components, and their circuit boards and electronic systems can be bent,folded, and stretched, and their functions will not be affected.

Laser cutting FPC circuit boards currentlyuse 10-20W ultraviolet lasers for cutting. Ultraviolet laser is a cold lightsource, with small light spot, low thermal influence, small cutting line width,no carbonization, and no burrs. It is the best choice for FPC circuit boardlaser cutting machine.

RFH Precision has 13 years of experience.The 15W high-power UV laser specially developed and produced by foreignprofessors and doctoral-level teams has the characteristics of low thermalimpact, ±0.01mm high precision, and high powerstability. It is used for cutting PCB circuit boards, When punching andengraving processing, it can effectively avoid burrs, and the cuts are cleanand smooth, without burrs, and no dust particles, so they are widely used inPCB and FPC circuit board processing industries.

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